Martin Asselin’s Hollywood Revolt

Martin Asselin

Martin Asselin’s Hollywood Revolt

Canadian-born editor and filmmaker, Martin Asselin is a storyteller writing and rewriting with visuals in the mediums of documentary films, music videos, short films and feature-length films. His work has been celebrated at film festivals in the United States and internationally. Since childhood, Martin was introduced and influenced by the arts. First, writing and photography became creative outlets. His art was always a form for telling a story visually. The same curiosity and creativity applies today when he edits a movie.
There is an added technical aspect to it with keeping continuity and choosing the best delivery from the actor, but essentially, I am writing or rewriting the film with the visuals I am given.

Martin believes editing can enhance a movies narrative and is vital to the success a project. Music has always been an influence in Martins art. Misunderstanding song lyrics due to not being bilingual, inspired Martin to dream of images and craft stories. Studies in literature and art prepared Martin for the techniques of his career.

Sometimes, even more so than the subject of the text or of the painting, Id be intrigued and influenced by everything surrounding the piece - the artists thought process, the specificities of a certain artists style, the method of creation, or how composition, a choice of word, or musical cues can be used to attract or detract attention from certain elements or to engage the audience.Movies played a big role in Martins childhood and helped inspire his career. His personality drew him to comedies. Raised in a family of moviegoers, Martin experienced a vast assortment of film genres and styles; from  blockbusters to French-Canadian films to Oscar contenders, and musicals like Grease, and The Sound of Music. In his adolescence, coming-of-age-stories, dramas, and psychological thrillers fascinated him. Currently, Martin makes his home in Los Angeles. In 2014, Martin wrote, directed and edited a short musical titled, Revolt. The experience helped shape his career. 
The fact that it was my own project, being involved in the whole process from pre-production, though principal photography and post production was the best way to learn and appreciate everything that goes into making a movie.Martin is proud of his work on the film, Chew, directed by Jessica Franz.

We both had a common idea as to where we were taking the story, she knew what she wanted, yet allowed me some creative freedom, and even when sometimes we wouldn’t perfectly agree on some detail, wed talk, experiment and end up with what was best for the film.Currently, Martin is editing a feature film titled, ‘Dirt Merchants: ‘Rebelistic, and a half-hour untitled TV pilot.

Martin Asselin career is driven by a passion for the arts and storytelling. In 2017, Martin was nominated for Best Editing at the 48 Hour Film Project, for his work on the film, ‘Ofelia’. With fourteen nominations, the film was awarded Best Film Audience Award. His work on the film, ‘Dudes’ was screened in Cannes. With plans to write and direct his own films, Martin is living his passion as a film editor.

I really enjoy editing as it combines the creative with the technical, the problem-solving with the emotional, and it allows me to be part of the success of a film.”