An Exclusive Interview with Luana Quaglia

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Profile: Artist Supervisor Luana Quaglia

In between her extremely demanding schedule artist supervisor Luana Quaglia found the time to speak with us about her work and some of her most memorable experiences. Here is what she had to say:

Hi Luana, you are an artist supervisor for a lot of big artists. Please explain what your role is:

An artist supervisor is responsible for taking care of each artist in a behind the scenes capacity.

You must have a lot of interesting requests from different artists. What is one of the most bizarre ones you have encountered?

I never got something bizarre, to be honest. All of the artist’s that I work for, have been pretty easy going.

This is a very big responsibility to have as a career. Do you find most of the artists you have worked with are pretty normal? Any diva moments?

They are all amazing! There haven’t been any diva moments, they are always so polite to me all the time.

What do you remember most when approaching a new production you are working on? Is there a special method you have learned for making things run smoothly?

To always keep smiling, keep calm and I try to be very organized. I don’t like to leave anything till the last minute.

You have worked with huge stars like Rihanna and Beyonce’. What was it like when you first met them? Were they approachable?

They were so nice to me as well as very polite and nice.

You have an interesting story of when you ran into Rihanna in New York. Tell us about that?

She was with her acting coach, Susan Batson, I saw her there in the bathroom, when she recognized me right away and gave me a hug. She was soooo nice!

What was your favorite job so far?

With Beyonce’ for her South American tour.

What are you currently working on?

I’m managing the international area for the Brazilian Festival, VillaMix. I’m responsible for the international artist’s hospitality, their dressing room and everything else.

Thanks for your time Luana!
Thank you too.

#beyonce #rihanna #luanaquaglia