Soledad Basaldua is a professional dancer, always busy with what she loves to do, which is dance! Although she is from Argentina and has performed all over the world, she now works and is based in Los Angeles.

Soledad, you have danced or choreographed in just about every possible medium there is. You’ve worked on film, music videos, Television and live performances. Which of these do you like the best and why?

I think my favorite thing would be music videos and live performances. Music videos are a surreal world and each time is different, you get to dress in amazing outfits and as a choreographer you are challenged to visualize and create something unique for that artist! Live performances on the other hand, give you a feeling nothing else in the world does, and that’s the reason most of us do this job in the first place!

How did you like working on You and Me, Dark9ine & Phats and the Sounds music video?

I choreographed this video which was aired on Armada TV and has had thousands of views. I worked with the director before who is great and he had a very tribal theme, so I used quite a few props for the choreography. It was a very cool video with lights, sand, and colorful smoke!

Tell us about the video for the BeachBody Liift4 program you performed on:

This program is a new one coming out soon from Beachbody, one of the biggest fitness online platforms in the world. It’s an 8 week fitness program, which includes lifting and hit components, and by far one of the hardest but most amazing things I’ve been part a of! I was one of the 10 members of the cast, and as a dancer and trainer, you always want to push yourself to things you’ve never done; and this was definitely it! The results were amazing and can’t wait until its out.

Since you are a world traveler, do you feel comfortable in each country you perform in? What is your favorite place to be?

It took me a while to feel completely comfortable, since each country has their own culture and you want to understand the crowd! Spain has to be one of my favorites and LA is becoming one too!

Do you like performing on commercials? How was JD Sports and Renault Clio? Do commercials take the same time to make as a music video and what’s the difference?

I do indeed! Renault Clio took a little longer to film because we had achoreographer and much bigger cast! Commercials are different since you are actually selling a product, so sometimes there isn’t that much focus on the performance -whereas music videos can be long days, you have to shoot from every angle possible and repeat the choreography until its perfect!

We have heard that you are training at Millenium Dance Complex, IDA Hollywood and EDGE, three of the top dance studios in Los Angeles. Can you tell us a little about how you found them and your thoughts?

In the dance world, everybody knows about these studios because you have the best teachers and choreographers in the world. I love IDA because it feels like a family and I’ve been going there for years now. Millennium is amazing but can be super cramped with people at times!

When does the workout video from Beachbody Liift4 come out? Can you tell us about your involvement with that company and that project?

It comes out in July for VIP members of Beachbody on demand as an early access, or in October for regular customers. Apart from being a part of the cast members of the program, I’m now sponsored by the company for their workout clothing brand. They have great things in stock and I’ve always loved this company. So to be part of it now, is really a dream come true.

You’ve worked with so many well known performers in the last few years. Can you tell us who you have enjoyed performing with the most?

I would definitely have to say Halsey, James Maslow and La Arrolladora.

When you are in the role of choreographer, do you find that position to be more difficult than being a dancer? Can you talk about the differences?

It is more of a challenge for sure! I’m such a perfectionist so I find myself changing steps over and over sometimes. But that’s the beauty of it, you are actually creating a piece. When you are dancing, you get to learn new things and then get lost in it. Once you have it, you develop your own personal touch to it, or depending what the choreographer wants you to deliver.

Tell us about your performance at the legendary Dolby theatre in Los Angeles?

Dancing with ‘La Arolladora’ at Premios De La radio was awesome! The band was super friendly and really keen to learn while we were rehearsing, we had a really good time! The show was also aired live on Canal Estrella which goes to most countries in Latin America, so not only did I get to dance in one of the most iconic stages on this planet but also being watched by friends and family was something I won’t ever forget!

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