The All Round Talents of Esther Markaki

Esther Markaki

The All Round Talents of Esther Markaki

We bumped into Esther Markaki at a coffee house the other day. It was great to see her in person because although we had seen her on TV, YouTube, and an off-Broadway show, oh yes, and we did catch the Glamour Magazine and Allure Magazine project “What I said vs. What I meant” along with Women’s Health Magazine project of “Not Dumb Questions”, well, we rarely actually talk to actors one on one. We thought for the longest time that professional actors, especially the busy ones like Esther, must have secret places to shop and eat and get coffee.

Well, she was so nice to us that she invited us to join her at her table. We felt like groupies at first, but she calmed us down and then after a few minutes of our babbling on about actors’ secret places, she told us that actors go where everyone else goes and maybe, just maybe, our schedules were different. Okay, we finally bought that explanation and then we asked her what she’s been up to and what her favorite projects have been so far.  

She mentioned the Glamour Magazine and Allure Magazine project of “What I said vs. what I mean.” We told her we saw her in that and then she said that the project was all about showing people that they are not alone even if they look different or are a different size than other people. She also told us how that project was really about inspiring and motivating people to love themselves and that it was one of her favorite things she has done so far in the industry.

Esther also talked about her appearances on the MTV TRL premiere (Total Request Live) and how she enjoyed meeting and interacting on camera with DJ Khaled during the shooting and that getting people thrilled for the premiere was truly an exciting experience. We were almost finished with our coffee and thought it was time to leave when Esther started telling us about Sophocles’ “Electra.” This one seemed to bring out her serious passionate side – maybe because it’s an ancient Greek play and she is a Greek-American who was born in Athens, Greece. That would bring out anyone’s passion, don’t you think? Anyway, she personally got a lot out of participating in that stage play for almost five months. The last thing we were fortunate enough to hear about was Esther’s experience in Cranky Cabaret’s 6th year Anniversary. She got to sing and act at the same time while interacting and improvising with the audience. She acted the song, entertained the audience and made them laugh and become part of her performance. “What could be better than that?” she asked us. Then she said she would be getting coffee at the same time, same place next week if we wanted to join her again. We, of course, can’t disclose the name and location of that great little coffee house on Sullivan Street in SOHO, so don’t ask.

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