Queen for One Day, Queen Forever

Queen for One Day / Queen Forever
We are an event planning company, but we do not organize industrial style weddings like the ones being done nowadays; we focus on the cultural side of the events.

Usually, people get married in a European style because this is the norm but some people wish to get married in their country, traditional way but many event planners do not offer this kind of service. So we decided to offer it all: Asian, African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Indian events, from weddings and anniversaries to baptisms and even wedding proposals. We immerse ourselves entirely in your culture to achieve top weddings.

We offer this type of service in Quebec City, one of the most beautiful places in the world, but also the least expensive, because the currency conversion from Euro to Canadian dollars and from US dollars to the Canadian dollars, is cheaper and more advantageous for those who have little resources but have a big dream. In addition to this,  you are already in the perfect spot for an unforgettable honeymoon!

We also offer a free service to help you plan your wedding proposal, but this is limited to the area of the location of the company.

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