Mariah Carey Draped in Lingerie and Jewels For the "GTFO" Music Video Is a Whole Mood

There's no need to read between the lines with Mariah Carey's new song — she clearly wants someone to "GTFO." Anyone who has ever had to let an untrustworthy man go will empathize with Carey as she sings, "You took my love for granted / You left me lost and disenchanted / Bulldoze my heart as if you planned it," in the first verse. Because same girl. Same. The music video perfectly matches the song's theme, with the singer lounging around her apartment alone, looking as fine as ever. All she needs in this life is her jewels, her fancy lingerie, and a glass of wine (which is an entire mood, if we're being honest). Watch the music video above, and then check out the rest of Carey's sexiest music videos.

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