An Exclusive Interview with Sohaib Hasan

Sohaib Hasan is an HR Consultant who is based in UAE with an active network of over 69,000 followers. As Dubai Ambassador for LunchIn, he is organizing meetups in Dubai for LinkedIn members to enhance their networking and let people socialize with each other, and broaden their business prospects. As a guest author for referbility, he periodically writes for job seekers, on careers and how to improve personal branding with an influence on career.

He is considered to be the top influencer over LinkedIn among the job seekers and those who are in midst of their career and are planning to switch. Sohaib has worked internationally in Germany, UK, China, UAE, and Pakistan.

He has recently collaborated with Marleq as Chief Marketing Officer, a platform where job seekers would meet coaches across the globe.

1.     Let's meet you/who you are and what you do?
I am Sohaib Hasan, very passionate about tapping the hidden potential of others and helping them to achieve their dreams of life. When it comes to social welfare I consider myself as a selfless human being and try my best to contribute to the development of society and people.

2.     What is the Dubai meeting for LinkedIn members all about?
LunchIn is a Sweden based company and their idea of this platform is very unique. They have provided a platform where people can meet offline to enhance their networking, make new friend and socialize. It helps certainly getting to know your connections more in real time and generate and build collaborations. LunchIn has more than 200 group across globe and people love to attend informal meetups. The best part is it is free and you only pay for your meal.

3.     Is the meeting going to be the first of its kind?
Members are welcome to attend all the social meet ups of LunchIn. If they have missed one, they can participate in the next one. Each meet up is informal and members are free to share their knowledge and life experiences to inspire others.

4.     About how many people are you expecting to be in attendance?
The Dubai LunchIn has yet to begin but considering the mass interest we are expecting 50+ members attending each event. So it is exciting already and the feedback coming is amazing!

5.     How long have you been an influencer and what has been your impact so far?
I believe it started way back in 2013 when I was in Germany and moved from China. I realized the dearth of coaching and job strategies. Since then I started to build my tribe and did best to come up with contents and helpful material to educate the unemployed and specially those who are in midst of their careers. LinkedIn is a great social platform and I love being online here and to chat with my followers. I have been invited to universities and events to talk about career, job searching and how to create an impact with personal branding which has become an essential part in now a day’s time.

6.     I believe you are not the only influencer in your industry, what makes you distinct?
There are so many other influencers I have learnt from. So certainly the universe is full of amazing people and to learn from. What makes me unique I believe is my selfless nature, being accessible to job seekers and to those who want to learn new job search strategies especially via LinkedIn and job portals, and there is no money involved.

7.     What significant role have you played for job seekers and how positive have you influenced their career?

I consider job seekers as little babies and they definitely need a hand or a mentor to guide them. One little mistake can affect their job application (and the whole process). I always guide them with unique tips and tricks how to pitch the job applications, understanding the algorithms and finding the right job for yourself. The response I receive is overwhelming and I am glad to have 70,000 followers over LinkedIn and it is growing which makes me even happier.

8.     Mention the different types of career you have influenced?
My priority and focus remains on the unemployed ones. So whether they are newbies as students, recently graduated, 1-3 years of experience my support is there for them all and I try to influence them by share the best strategy to job search. I also keep myself accessible for mid-level executive and seniors who wish to connect with other prospects for career development, learning and job switch.

9.     What are your personal goal and objectives as an influencer?
My biggest goal of life is to standardize the job application system for the job seekers and to framework the process. This will not only put the recruiters/HR at ease but at the same time the job seekers would know what exactly is to be expected and be delivered.
I also plan to run my career academy in near future to educate the mass for the newest in job searching and overcoming career challenges.

10.          Why should I be at the Dubai meeting and nowhere else?
Interesting question! You will have a chance to meet the industry experts from whom you can learn new work experiences of the local market. Dubai is a wonderful place to be and for people it is a dream to work here. The meet ups will help you make new friends and then enjoy the sightseeing. Also one of the core benefits of the meet up is that you will be broadening your network and referrals. So at any point of time when you are in a career disaster (I call this) you can reach out to your real-time connections and friends. There are other networking events happening as well which you can attend and each offers a wide range of advantages for networking and building connections.

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