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Saturday, 6 October 2018

An Exclusive Interview with Velvet Datsopoulou

Velvet Datsopoulou Talks About the Projects She Takes On and Her Tips for Staying Healthy

Hi Velvet, tell us about your latest project:

I just finished writing a script about people with severe addictions and I will be also producing a black comedy about modern love in New York -alongside Mireya Rios, an LA based actress and producer.

What drew you to the storyline to be involved?

I am intrigued by the idea of addiction and wanted to learn more about it and hopefully shed the light and create awareness that will lead to a positive change in lives.

Do you know when you want to do a project straight away? Or does it sometimes take you a while to think things over?

It all depends on where I am in my life and how much a story inspires me.

What are the preparations you take when you take on a new production?

Pre-production that focuses on the script, budget and location.

What is one of your favorite places in the world where you have filmed?

New York, Paris and Brazil.

Is there a type of project you have yet to tackle, that you would like to?

I am very interested in biopics and hope to do one about the family of ranch dressing, one day.

What is your key to staying sane and healthy in such a hectic industry?

I work out, eat healthy and meditate.


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