A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding Trailer

I hope you've booked your ticket to Aldovia, because we all have a royal wedding to attend! That's right — everybody's favorite so-bad-it's-good holiday romance is returning with a sequel, aptly titled A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, and now we have our first look at what Amber and Richard have been up to, courtesy of the new trailer.
While we probably shouldn't expect the sequel to live up to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle-worthy nuptials — after all, this is a continuation of a movie that shows a grand coronation that's decorated with a budget of approximately $10 — it still looks like a good time. The film follows Amber and Richard a year after she helped secure him the crown, with the two set to tie the knot in a royal wedding held on Christmas.
Of course, not everything goes according to plan when Amber starts second-guessing if she truly has what it takes to be queen, and Richard deals with a political crisis that could destroy the kingdom he fought so hard for. But hey, at least no one is going to get attacked by wolves this time! Well . . . that we know of.
Much of the original cast is returning, including stars Rose McIver and Ben Lamb, so let's all steel ourselves for another unintentionally hilarious hour and a half. Watch the trailer above before it hits Netflix on Nov. 30!

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