Coach JJ aka James John Colon

Sometimes in life, you are fortunate to come across certain once, in a lifetime individuals who change your perspective and even philosophy on life altogether, they ruffle up your feathers, challenge the status quo and provoke you to think. Well, the founder(Coach JJ aka James John Colon)of @silentlyspokenproject on Instagram and Facebook is certainly one of those once in a lifetime type of people you meet. He is rare, gifted and talented. 

Despite so many tragedies in his own personal life overcoming abuse on all categories and currently fighting/battling cancer he is clearly a survivor and he lives to empower, he is driven by his own misfortunes to help be part of the CHANGE THIS WORLD NEEDS. So please don’t just check out his pages on social media but actually get in touch with him and find out about his real life story and also the projects he's working on currently to help impact and transform the lives of those he touches daily. 

He is a Life Coach, Writer, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian and public speaker. His movement is mainly to EMPOWER WOMEN in every aspect of their lives thus impacting men too, by giving them insight into women’s relationship issues and struggles. Please follow him up, also because he is a Puerto Rican born in Harlem, New York City who was once and a GANG MEMBER. His positive powerful inspiring message/movement will impact gangs worldwide, A large number of his FOLLOWERS ARE FROM THE UK and the rest of the world. And he has a total of over 13 million social media followers on all his 69 pages put together. 

So PLEASE consider the impact this young 30 year old SINGLE MAN will have on the gangs and young men and women in the UK and around the world once they hear his remarkable story. He is genuinely rare and so is his story. Please reach out, it will be worth your time. His email is Thank you. Kind Regards. Rose Cox
Ps: His story will raise awareness in mostly BLACK/WHITE communities worldwide as it covers most relevant and important issues people face day to day. So my hope is that News Stations, Newspapers, Magazines, Talk Shows, and other major platforms will consider putting his story out there and interviewing him!! Viewers will be engaged, inspired, impacted and educated as well.

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  1. He is to say the very least a remarkable individual and blessing to those he comes in contact with.