An Exclusive interview with Bo Polny

Mr. Bo Polny is the president and CEO of Gold 2020 Forecast, LLC.  He began a career as a doctor and upon selling his private clinic over 10-years ago he became an analyst of the world markets specifically gold, silver, US Dollar and most recently Bitcoin, Litecoin and many other alternate crypto-currencies. Beginning in 2014 he has been invited to speak at numerous conferences throughout the world from Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, London, Germany, Vancouver, Acapulco, San Francisco, Toronto and more recently at a Blockchain Conference in Washington D.C.  His verifiable track record includes successfully TIMING the 2011 $1900 Gold & $49 Silver cycle tops, China’s April 2015 stock market top, December 3, 2015 final gold bottom at $1045, December 2015 US Dollar Final Top at 103.50, most recently Bitcoin’s January 2018 $17,000 top, subsequent price crash!   

He accurately forecasts, to the exact day on October 4, the world stock market crash that is presently underway and that this crash is not over and is about to get much worse!

In addition for forecast the October top, he is also forecasting a stock market crash end this month of December 2018 and when the market crash ends our world changes as we know it! When the world stock markets crash ENDS, a new financial/monetary system will rise including 'Digital Currency' also called 'Crypto-Currencies', as well as the start of a new and unexpected and surprise 'Great 2018-2019 Gold and Silver RUSH'.


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