Marlana White, Founder
My life’s purpose is to uplift women on a collective level to there ultimate power. I have been blessed with the gift of the site with visions and dreams from the divine and have been an Intuitive Empath since birth.  This gift has afforded me the opportunity to help people to there purpose.   I have always helped persons intuitively follow their path and motivate them to recognize there own power but I have now been trusted by the divine to help on a wider scale, worldwide. I’ve been a healer for over 10 years and studied holistic healing and birthing. In the more recent years I started a retreat to uplift women through mind, body, and spiritual practices, using Reiki Healing, Oracle Cards, Life Coaching, Meditation, Prayer and more. My Latest addition to healing has been the creation of my Luxury Healing Body Butters, oils and salves.

Dr. Michelle Butler
A passionate Doctor of Naturopathy, RND, Master Herbalist MH, Certified Nutritional Counseling CNC, Certified Nutrition Health Coach, NHC, Pastoral Counseling, MS and the Founder & Owner of Natural Wellness, LLC. As a Specialist in Wellness Health, she has trained extensively for over 25+ years on ways to provide to you an attainable holistic lifestyle to include basic rules for healthy eating habits, nutrition monitoring, and weight loss and stress management.

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