Welcome to Novaswimwear
Performance Swimwear at a price that everyone can afford. Australian Made Sports & Fashion Swimwear made with worlds best quality Chlorine resistant fabrics.

Are you trying to keep fit and healthy, swimming is the best exercise you can do that is not hard on all your body joints, it keeps you flexible and fit. You also want to look and feel great while exercising, Nova Swimwear is for you. 

A Boutique Australian Swimwear company that has been operating since 1986 supplying swimsuits for small children to older people that are trying to live a happy and healthy life. With so many designs and patterns, you will be spoilt for choice.
Nova Swimwear is 1 or the only Australian companies that manufactures FINA approved Racing & Training swimsuits in Australia.
A big part of swimming is eating the correct foods to give you stamina. Most swimmers take protein shakes to keep up with their activities. Carbohydrate-rich content is mostly consumed for snacks. In meals, it is definitely essential to replenish the energy spent. It is essential to take in the appropriate amount of protein to not let lack of it hinder the ability to reach their maximum potential.


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