Actor Vikrant Sahdev Making Things Happen

Actor Vikrant Sahdev Making Things Happen

Persistence, talent and more persistence. Did we mention persistence? Well, no matter how many times we mention that quality, it is arguably one of the most valuable of the attributes that today’s actors must have if they come to Los Angeles to make a career. Vikrant Sahdev has plenty of persistence and an abundance of talent. He also has the presence, which we somehow forgot to add to the list of necessary traits an actor should have.

Vikrant Sahdev

When he walks onto the stage or the movie set, people’s eyes naturally seem to turn to see what is happening. He doesn’t even have to say a word and yet there is a pregnant pause in the audience’s reaction. They feel as though something will indeed happen now that Vikrant or Vik as he is known in L.A., has arrived. He just has that certain way of moving. There’s a confidence there that is tempered by an awareness of his surroundings and an intelligence that is clearly visible in his eyes.
He takes his profession seriously and his persistence has kept him focused and constantly moving forward.

One of the unique things about him is that nearly all the roles he has played in the U.S. were originally written for other ethnicities. But in his auditions, he was able to convince the casting directors that he was right for the job regardless of how it was written or who it was written for. This says a lot about the drive Vik has, even though there is a legitimate shortage of roles for actors from diverse ethnic backgrounds. He doesn’t let anything become a handicap; he only stands by his conviction that the role should be his because he can do it justice and give the character life.

He has done TV, films, stage plays, web series and commercials. If you watched TV in India you would be very familiar with the longest running crime show there called, CID. Vikrant has appeared on that show and he is currently preparing for new pilots and film projects.

One of his favorite experiences so far has been playing the character Sid Davis in the Eugene O’Neill play, Ah Wilderness! Vik told us that he was supposed to prepare various characters for that particular audition but he only chose one to concentrate on one because that character engaged him while he read the play. He decided to just stick with that one character no matter what happened. His conviction paid off in spades. The director gave him that part and he realized that he really enjoyed playing Sid Davis because it showed him that he could look further than he thought he could previously and that there would always be new and challenging characters to portray in the world of film and stage.

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