Stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel's Fight: All that We Know

The past Southern Star costars welcomed Kensie toward the completion of season 1 of each 2014. As the group's on-off relationship continued with, Dennis got pregnant for the second time in 2015. They welcomed kid Sacred individual that November. 

After Dennis and Ravenel quit in 2016, she lost guardianship of their youths amidst a fight with substance abuse. The unscripted TV character by then enlisted with treatment and filed her collectedness adventure on Southern Intrigue. 
In 2017, a court-assigned authority prescribed the combine coparent, as demonstrated by docs as of late gotten by Us step by step. Following the season 5 finale, which communicate in July 2018, it was revealed that Dennis was permitted 50/50 guardianship of Kensie and Heavenly individual. 

Months afterward, regardless, Dennis archived to change the guardianship understanding in October 2018. She recorded the literature a month after Ravenel was caught for compromising conduct in the second degree, originating from an alleged January 2015 event with the children's past overseer. (In light of his catch, Bravo pronounced Ravenel could never again appear on Southern Intrigue.) 
Dennis is at present searching for sole specialist of the match's young lady and kid. "The Mother is instructed and believes it is the best focal points of the minor adolescents that she be yielded sole guardianship or possibly basic consideration of the minor children … with reasonable appearance permitted to the Father," read court reports recorded by Dennis in October 2018 and gotten by Us consistently.

The previous government official stood out as truly newsworthy in May 2018 after two unique ladies blamed him for rape, which he denied. After three months, Ravenel was reserved in Charleston, South Carolina, in September 2018 for charges identifying with a supposed 2015 occurrence with their youngsters' previous caretaker, Day break, who blamed Ravenel for rape, as per a sworn statement recently gotten by Us. 
Dennis refered to the claims against Ravenel in December 2018 court records gotten by The Impact, charging that her ex was never again a fit parent on the grounds that numerous lady have blamed him for rape. She additionally referenced First light's charges in October 2018 reports gotten by Us, guaranteeing that that there are "instant messages as well as messages in which [Ravenel] apologized to the previous Caretaker for his direct as further authentication of his awful lead." 
In a November 2018 counter-recording, Ravenel denied "all claims of rape" and denied "saying 'sorry' for rape on the grounds that [he] did not submit a rape." 
Dennis affirmed in October 2018 court reports acquired by Us that Ravenel supported on-off sweetheart Ashley Jacobs to "verbally strike and assault" her amid Southern Appeal season 5. (Jacobs alluded to Dennis as "an egg contributor" on the arrangement, which she later apologized for in an open letter in August 2018.) In his November counter-recording, Ravenel denied encouraging Jacobs to make "disparaging remarks." 
Following their mid year 2018 separation, Ravenel and Jacobs have been spotted together on different events, including that New Year's Eve. A source let us know in January 2019 that while Ravenel needs the medical attendant back, Jacobs "won't be with Thomas impractically once more." 
Dennis and Ravenel have both blamed each other for having substance misuse issues in court records. "[Ravenel] has smashed liquor to overabundance, blended with doctor prescribed medications, that has made him be hindered amid timeframes in which he had care of the kids," Dennis affirmed in October 2018 docs gotten by Us. 
Ravenel, in the interim, asserted that Dennis has a "doctor prescribed medication propensity" in January 2019 printed material. "[Dennis] mishandles physician recommended drugs, is occupied with the utilization of unlawful medications, and expends liquor in mix thereof consistently," he asserted. "[Dennis] has been inebriated by the maltreatment of professionally prescribed medications as well as utilization of illicit medications while in sole consideration." He likewise blamed her for faking drug tests previously, which she denied. 
The previous Bravo star likewise affirmed Dennis "purchases, moves and exchanges prescriptions" from "companions, cast individuals a show makers." She battled back at her ex's allegations in January 2019 archives, asking Ravenel to affirm under promise about his supposed medication use and give proof that Dennis purchased drugs from Southern Appeal makers. 
In another reaction recorded in January 2019, Ravenel supposedly declined to give the archives Dennis asked for in light of the fact that he trusts she needs to "pester, humiliate, abuse or make an unburden," per The Impact. 
Dennis blamed Ravenel for having an "identity issue of some sort" in October 2018 reports gotten by Us. In January 2019 records gotten by The Impact, she additionally purportedly asked for a rundown of Ravenel's potential wellbeing and psychological well-being analyze over the most recent 10 years, explicitly refering to bipolar turmoil as a conceivable finding he may have been assessed for. 
In Ravenel's November 2018 court records, he denied experiencing or being determined to have an identity issue. He at that point claimed that Dennis has "been determined to have numerous psychological wellness conditions." 
The pair have both blamed each other for not paying youngster bolster. In October 2018 reports acquired by Us, Dennis asked for Ravenel "pay for the non-public school educational cost of the minor kids for both preschool and from there on." Ravenel, in the mean time, asserted in his November 2018 counter-documenting that Dennis is "required to pay youngster bolster under the terms of the 2017 Last Request." He additionally guaranteed at the time that Dennis has not paid tyke bolster since June 2018. 

Ravenel and Dennis have blamed each other for not being fit guardians. In October 2018 reports, she claimed her ex has "assigned their [children's] social insurance to the caretakers" and affirmed his "previous Babysitter gave erroneous data to therapeutic specialists that was false and made the youngsters bring about generous treatment while under the care of the Respondent." 
Ravenel denied her allegations in his November 2018 documenting and asserted that Dennis "routinely leaves the minor youngsters with their maternal grandma so [she] can party and mingle" and guaranteed she has "flopped on various events to take the minor kids" to class and planned arrangements. 
In January 2019 reports gotten by The Impact, Dennis claimed Ravenel hosted a get-together in his downtown home "with illicit medications present" and "educated individual gathering members while remaining in the restroom that mushrooms don't appear on medication screens." 
In November 2018, Ravenel affirmed Dennis is utilizing her youngsters for storylines on Southern Appeal and petitioned for sole authority with the system's support. He additionally guaranteed that she is looking for sole care of their kids "for the sole or potentially basic role" of staying on the Bravo appear and "advancing her story line as the 'restored mother who recovers ownership of her minor kids,'" the printed material gotten by Press, US read. Week by week recently connected with Bravo for a remark in regards to the charges. In December 2018, First light, the previous caretaker who blamed Ravenel for strike, documented a suit against Ravenel, Bravo, NBCUniversal, generation organization Haymaker Substance and Comcast for ambush, purposeful curse of passionate trouble, common connivance, criticism and carelessness, as indicated by the docs gotten by Us. In spite of the dramatization, both Dennis and Ravenel have shared photographs and recordings via web-based networking media with their kids. Kensie and Holy person observed Christmas with their mother in December 2018. In January 2019, Ravenel shared a video of Holy person encouraging geese on his Instagram Story and a photograph while shopping for food with his child and little girl.

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