Summa Sports Wear

Our purpose is to promote sports clubs, like YOURS and individuals (Amateur, Collegiate and Professional). We are initially building our brand to help build soccer clubs. We focus on providing an income stream for clubs, while making some profit for the brand, and everyone wins. Partnering with clubs and growing together.

Welcome to Summa Sports Wear
Our strategy is to make available the merchandise of each club we partner with, on our Summa website. The club members/fans use a discount code given to them by the club. The member/fan receive a discount and an additional agreed percentage in cash is kicked back to the club. This generates an income stream for the club without any risk.

Our goal here is to profit share, while we give the club an incentive to drive their members and fans to purchase their clubs merchandise and our brand. It also cuts out any necessity for the club to stock up on inventory.


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