All That You Need To Know About Fostering Siblings

Fostering Siblings

Being a foster parent is a massive responsibility in itself but bringing home siblings is even a bigger one. However, sibling foster care is common these days as social workers want them to be together and encourage carers to bring them in as a group. If you are convinced that you can take this responsibility, then it can be an amazing experience. But it is better to know all your facts before committing to this responsibility. Here a few tips that can help you in fostering a sibling group successfully.

Be realistic in your expectations

Undoubtedly, bringing in a sibling group can be a challenge for a foster parent. It will mean more physical work in the household as you will have more children to take care of. Further, you may have to deal with group behavioral issues as they will have a sibling bonding. The best way to deal with the situation is to be realistic in your expectations and gear up for the challenges that lie ahead.

Consider each child as an individual

You may believe that a sibling group is a single unit, but remember that each child is a unique individual who deserves to be treated like one. Spend time with them separately to understand their likes and dislikes, expectations and challenges so that you can know them better. This will help you to handle them well enough and bond with each child separately.

Have a plan in place before bringing them home

Since more children in your home means more space requirement, it is best to have an accommodation plan in place before bringing them home. Lisa Witter from PerpetualFostering explains that Perpetual Fostering allows children to share a bedroom if the placement involves siblings, provided that this decision is in the children's best interest.

Get your spouse and biological children ready

Whether you are opting for a single foster child or a sibling group, make sure that your spouse and biological children are ready for the change. The initial phase can be as challenging for your family as it is for the new members who are joining you and patience is the virtue that everyone needs to embrace during this phase. Keeping your family involved will make the transition easy for everyone.

Plan family activities together

A sibling group is bound to be closer together and connecting with your family may be tough for them. Planning family activities such as weekend trips or a barbecue in the garden is a great idea to spend time as a family rather than groups. Make sure that everyone mingles with each other and enjoys the activity as a single unit.

Being a foster parent to siblings can be truly rewarding as it gives you the opportunity to keep children of the same family together. Separating them can be a traumatic experience for these children and you can be a true savior if you volunteer to take them in together. If you follow these tips, sibling fostering will be much easier than you expect.

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