$22 Million Estate Agency Nevertony.com


Nevertony.com is a nationwide online estate agent. Nevertony.com
Provides you a platform to sell your property at just₹ 9k (ninethousand
Indian rupees). Our mission is pretty simple. Selling properties superfast,
By offering super-brilliant client service and even at more super price.
We are not kidding. Nevertony.com was recently valued over $22
Million(156 crore rupees)

We knew there had to be a much cheaper way of selling properties.
Estate agents at a fantastic price,but also a great level of service. We
Imagined a world, where you could sell your properties for lessthan
Ten thousand Indian rupees. Stop imagining. With nevertony.com we
Make selling properties in India as easy as selling a smartphone.

The team is lead by the founder & ceo of nevertony.com, hemant
Lochav says, “we are proud to create an website for india where
Peoples can sell their properties for less than 10,000 indian rupees
Like never before.

Nevertony.com was launched with a burning desire to create a revolution
In Indian property market by offering a 96% discount on property selling.
Nevertony.com is fully owned by hemant lochav
Hemant Lochav is just 20 years old. He has more than 60k followers on
his instagram

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