Top 4 Coat Trends for Winter Season

Winters can be hard for most people; short days, chilly evenings, very little sunshine, and therefore, much fewer outings. But there is one thing, which is common for both summer and winter, the thing which makes women patient enough and enjoys the winters: Fashion!

Winter fashion is loved by most people. It is not necessary that only a sundress or a gown can make you look cute or classy; you can carry that look with the best of winter fashion as well. If you know the right thing to wear at the right time and carry it properly, you can grab the attention of every person present in the room.

When we talk about winter fashion, I am sure the first thing that comes into your mind is an evergreen and a classy coat that looks fashionable, and at the same time, sophisticated. Money spent on a good piece of a coat is never wasted; it is actually an investment. You can either choose to buy a classic tan-colored coat with a waist-belt; or play a little bit with different styles of the coat; it all depends on your taste and style.

Check out the following trends if you are planning to invest in a glamorous winter coat this year:
1.     Waist-Belt coats: A right belt can make a simple last-year coat look like a glamorous latest trend of the season. You can pick a wide leather belt to go with your coat, or you can also play a little with your scarf and tuck it between the belts, which will give a whole different outlook to your outfit. A big-buckled belt can also be a nice addition to your coat and give it a more formal look.

 2.     Go with the fur: Fur coats are the deadliest combination of looks and comfort. As warm and cozy as these coats are, they look glamorous and chic at the same time. You do not need to focus on any other element of your outfit if you have decided to wear a fur coat. A fur coat can give you a great professional look if you wear a natural-colored, waist-length fur coat with a plain shirt and pants. And you can also get a party look by wearing it with a dress and high heels. To make a good choice, you can visit Fox and Klaff Furs and drool over the amazing variety of good-quality fur coats.  

3.     A cape coat: Cape coat or the superhero coat is one of the latest trends in the coat industry. A cape coat looks gorgeous when worn over a buttoned-up shirt and denim. Pair them up with boots and it gives you a perfect look for a coffee or a lunch date. Long and black-colored cape coats also work well with leather pants or a skater skirt.

4.     Animal print: Animal prints are always in style and works well in summer, as well as winters. Any wardrobe would look incomplete if it does not have an animal-print outfit in it. An animal printed coat can turn every head in the room towards you. You can pair up your coat with your leather pants, or a black maxi dress, and you are ready for the party!  

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