Zoé Pelloux

Zoé Pelloux: Storyteller

Born in Paris, France, and currently based in Los Angeles, CA, Zoé Pelloux approaches filmmaking on multiple shapes and platforms. Through the lens of feature films, short films, television projects, music videos and experimental films, Zoe embraces the challenge of collaborating with filmmakers and storytellers around the world.

Zoe is a graduate of the Sorbonne-Nouvelle in Paris France, and an MFA producing graduate from the New York Film Academy Los Angeles. A passion for telling unique stories led Zoé to produce provocative and acclaimed short film titles like ‘Bonding’, ‘Atop God’s Breakfast’, ‘Methadone’, ‘Ismalia’, 'Finding Faith’, ’Statis’, ’Twenty Years After’, ‘Kepler 3000’, ‘Lola’, ‘Believe’, Pawdoption’, ‘Forever’, and ‘Closet’.

On the small screen, Zoe produced the pilot television series, Manny Fantasma: Paranormal Psychiatrist’, and the TV series ‘The Experiment’ (season1).

Zoe’s credits include productions on the worldwide web, including the webseries ’No Dubs’ available on YouTube.

Her film career features festival nominated and celebrated films. The short movie ‘Twenty Years After’ by Catharine Lin won nineteen awards in festivals around the world which is huge for a short movie directed by a young director as Catharine. Her last project is the feature film ‘The Lost End’ by Alexander Salabaschew, a psychedelic drama about a man looking for his family who’s been kidnapped by a cult. Coming out in 2019, this project is not the only one that Zoé has in her bag. The short movie ‘Royal Gardens’ by Inés Coca is almost ready for festivals, and Dillian Elias Farmer and Zoé hope to have their project ‘Desert Sky’ ready for festivals in a few months. ‘Two Weeks in Laredo’, a film that examines the life of Maya Deren, the mother of American avant-garde film, is currently submitted to film festivals worldwide.

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