A good workman always has good tools and the same goes for chefs. A good chef always keeps his tools as good as new. At the time of pressure, these tools come to the rescue. The first thing a chef does is build his kitchen with all the necessary tools. If you’re an aspiring chef yourself, what are the absolute essentials for your kitchen? Let’s have a look!

1.     Knives
The basic requirement for any chef is a set of good, sharp knives that will chop all those veggies with minimum effort. Even if these knives are a little expensive, it would be worth the investment. These knives will see your growth into a professional chef.

A chef’s knife is bigger than what most homeowners are used to. An aspiring chef has to get used to wielding a 8 – 10 inch knife. A bigger knife is also heavier and does the work for you with minimum effort.

2.      Knife honer
A knife honer is a knife sharpening tool that every chef with a knife must have. It is important to keep tools in their top condition and an honor helps do just that. Sharp knives are an absolute must for chefs and owners make this happen. Generally a honer is made of steel. If you haven’t used one before, get one made of fine grit ceramic. This will damage the knife less and give you the time to learn to take care of your knives.

As a professional chef, you must hone your knives after every use. Start your journey towards becoming a professional chef and start honing your knives right away. A honer realigns the edge of your knife and makes it sharper.

3.      A chef’s apron
Every chef needs an apron. Just like every professional has a garb, an apron is a chef’s garb. Most chefs feel like they get into the chef zone only when they have an apron on. Apart from getting the chefs’ game on, aprons also protect clothes from getting stained. Professional chefs who have uniforms are all dressed in white. Imagine how it would be without the protection of an apron. The uniforms would always have kitchen smells wafting from them and we haven’t even talked about the stains yet. Aprons, like the ones here come in two sizes – full body aprons and half aprons. Full body aprons cover the full front and are tied at the waist as well as at the neck, whereas half aprons are only tied at the waist.

4.      Kitchen scale
A good chef knows that measurement is the key to good cooking. Well measured ingredients make the best dishes. A fitting kitchen scale that makes this easier for chefs is a must-have in every chef’s kitchen.
It is a well known fact that one must never measure the ingredients by amount. The amount may differ according to the weather and storage conditions. For example – flour is more flaky in the summer and dense in the winter. If you measure it by the amount, you would get lesser quantity in the summer and more in the winter.

Cooking is an art and if you have that art, you must definitely pursue it as a career!

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