How to Prevent Bed Bugs While Traveling

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are dreadful creatures which cause endless problems if they enter your home. These oval shaped, small, and wingless insects feed off the human bodies when they are peacefully sleeping at night. By the time people recognize their symptoms and signs, it is too late and there is a chance that the bed bugs have traveled to every corner of your house. Once they have captured your room and house, there is not much you can do alone to send them off easily. There is a whole process, assisted by a professional, which is required to get rid of them, and which can end up costing you lots of money.

It is better to be attentive and take proper precautions in order to avoid this problem of bed bugs in the first place, instead of regretting it later. There are many reasons why bed bugs enter your house, but one of the biggest reasons is traveling. No matter how hygienic you are and how well you maintain your house, you cannot control these bugs from entering your suitcase and clothes when you are staying in a hotel.
Let us help you by giving out some points on how to take precautions and prevent these bed bugs from entering your life and causing you stress:

1.     Check the reviews before booking the hotel: You should not trust just any hotel, even if it is a 7-star hotel. We are blessed to be living in a time where everything is transparent with the help of the internet. It is important to check the online reviews of the customers and read their experience before reaching to any conclusion. Thorough research for the most hygiene hotel, even if it is expensive, can save you from lots of worries and trouble.

2.     Do not put your suitcase on the floor: Even if you have not read a single bad review for the hotel, it is better to play safe and avoid putting your suitcase on the floor. Even if the room has some bugs, there are quite fewer chances of the bugs entering your suitcase if it is placed on some furniture and not on the floor. You should also make sure to close your suitcase after using it, which will prevent the entry of bed bugs. You should avoid putting the suitcase on the floor even while traveling; at the airports, or railway stations, etc.

3.     Investigate the room: When we go for a vacation, all we can think about is going in our comfortable hotel room and getting into the cozy bed and warm sheets. But do you think this is the right move? This is the most important step towards ensuring a safe return without the creatures creeping on your clothes or in your bag. You should make a thorough inspection of your room before getting comfortable in it. You should check the corners of the bed and the furniture of the room for any signs of the bed bugs. If you are doubtful, you can even flip the mattress to check if your bed has bed bugs. You can immediately call for the manager if you have any signs of the bugs and demand for a full refund.

These were the preventive measures that you should take while you are traveling or during your stay in the hotel. But there are some bed bugs that are so stubborn and smart that they hide in the corners where you will never be able to spot them. In such cases, it is important that you continue to take protective measures even after coming back from your vacation.

1.     Don’t trust your luggage: You should be careful not to trust you suitcase and place it in your room or cupboard without even inspecting it. Make sure that you check every corner and every fold in your suitcase after coming back from the trip. You should even try and get your suitcase dry-cleaned, just to be sure. After all this inspection, if you find any sign of the bed bugs, you should throw the suitcase away.

2.     Wash your clothes: You should not procrastinate and be active about washing the clothes straight-away after you come back from your vacation. Clean every piece of clothing you had in your luggage. You should even try and clean all the essentials like your toothbrush, specs, cosmetics, and other necessities before using them. Shoes are one of the favorite places to hide for the bed bugs; so make sure to inspect them properly for any stains or smell of bed bugs. If doubtful, get them washed or throw them away.   

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