Spotlight on Australian Editor Duane Fogwell

Duane Fogwell

Duane Fogwell is an award-winning Australian film and TV editor. He has over two decades of experience in editing movies and TV shows and he has worked on countless shows both in Hollywood and in his native Australia. Following his graduation from the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) film school, Duane became a fixture in the Australian Television business for over a decade. It wasn’t until he decided to move his family to California that he really understood what it was like to work in Hollywood.

Being a professional editor opened a lot of doors for Duane almost as soon as he landed at LAX.  Industry people discovered quickly Duane to be a no-nonsense editor who believes in working professionally and efficiently – and as such, jobs began coming his way. Producers love working with him because he not only saves them money by finishing projects quickly but he makes their shows look great because of his creativity and know-how.

How did he get his start in editing? The answer is simple: he started when he was young because he was drawn to storytelling and filmmaking. In fact, Duane made some award-winning short films including, The Milkman, The Best man, which won Best Script and Best Editing (both done by Duane), and the film Fish Lips, which went on to be a finalist in the 2012 “Best Of Tropfest” competition in Las Vegas. All of these short films took Australia by storm and as a result, Duane was fielding job offers from Australian production companies. He honed his professionalism and the art and craft of editing in the Australian Television industry for several years and has been working in L.A. most recently on some very well-known shows that include: Dancing With The stars, Battlebots, Ultimate Beastmaster, Lip Sync Battle, Masterchef, Hyperdrive, America’s Next Top Model, Candy Crush, What The Fit, and among others, Cyrus vs. Cyrus.

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