The heart pumps blood to the heart and beats throughout our lifespans. The day it stops beating that’s the day you are finished too. Sounds so ominous. The heart is probably the most hardworking organ in the body and it is only practical that we take care of it the most too.

When we are young we often neglect the heart because it is a general perception that you can have heart problems only when you’re old. This is proving to be wrong. Young adults are complaining of heart problems these days too. You can blame it on the stress or the unhealthy lifestyles that most of us live today. The need of the hour is to pay attention to the heart too.

1.      Yearly checkups
Get your heart checked regularly. How regularly is this? At least once a year. Some people have hereditary heart problems. If you have such a problem, get your heart checked as soon as you hit adulthood. It pays to be vigilant. The basic things that you must get checked are blood pressure, cholesterol levels and glucose. These are the things that harm the heart and reduce its function. Consult your doctor about maintaining your body weight. Extra weight puts a lot of extra pressure on the heart.

2. Exercise
Exercise even though it makes your heart pump faster. This gets rid of the extra fat and exercises your heart as well. Just like the body, the heart needs to exercise too. Crank up your activity levels while watching TV. If you want more information on the right ways to exercise you can read a study of cardiology and consult your doctors.

3. Drink water eat healthy
Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet. Keep away from junk food. Fast food takes a lot of time to digest as compared to healthy options and makes your heart work all the more. This isn’t healthy for the heart as grease from the food could settle in your arteries reducing blood flow to the rest of the body.

4. Control cholesterol
High cholesterol and blood sugar levels are the main reasons for impaired heart function. Cholesterol clogs arteries and makes the heart pump blood with more force. High blood sugar levels mean that the blood is deficient in other components and the heart has to work more to clear the sugar. These are the leading causes of deaths by heart attacks around the world.

5. No smoking or drinking
The first thing that your doctor will advise you to do is to quit smoking and drinking especially if you have an existing heart condition. These things not only harm the heart but also the rest of the body. These bad habits affect every organ, especially the heart.

6. Weight
Another thing that’s in your hands and you can actively do is maintain a healthy BMI. Being overweight puts extra pressure on the heart and the fats may get deposited in the arteries making it more difficult for the heart to function.

The heart is the most vital organ of the body. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

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