KAHLI WILLIAMS: The International Homegrown Indie Actress You Should Know About

 Kahli Williams

Australian actor, Kahli Williams has earned critical acclaim and fame from her performance in the role of Simone Bader on the Australian hit series, ’Neighbours’. Kahli welcomes the challenge and is proud of her portrayal of Simone, a controversial character who is a victim of abuse at the hands of the church. The arc of the character allows Kahli to showcase her craft and range. “I did have some serious fun playing someone whose desperation lead her to such manipulation and even violence.”

 Kahli Williams

Kahli Williams’ success is the product of years of training, performing and the realization of a childhood dream. Influenced as a young girl by Disney’s, ‘Fantasia’, Kahli studied theatre with Children’s Performing Company of Australia, The Australia Film and Television Academy (TAFTA) and Melbourne Actors Lab. The biggest highlights and achievements of her career, are born from the hardest roles.

Kahli is driven to collaborate with independent filmmakers. In the film, ‘Blood Hunt’, she stars in the lead role of Claire, whose weekend getaway with her boyfriend Dean, spirals out of control. “It was a bloody hard shoot, but the comradery to band together and make something great was unreal.” Filmed in Tasmania, Australia, ‘Blood Hunt’ was released internationally and earned Kahli global exposure.

Often known as, ‘Queen of the indie scene’, Kahli Williams’ credits feature her range in genres from rom-coms to thrillers. As Nina, in ‘Model Behaviour’, Kahli earned a Best Supporting Actress nomination at Melbourne Underground Film Festival. In film, Kahli’s filmography celebrates leading roles in: “Crestfallen’, ‘Just The Way It Is’, and the 2019 feature, ‘The Siege of Robin Hood’.

For Kahli Williams, her success is all about the work and her love for storytelling. “Art and acting is in my DNA”. Having performed across the globe in Singapore, Germany, France and England, she now splits her time working in America and Australia. Kahli continues to be inspired to contribute to the world by way of storytelling in the arts, believing that good art is the ultimate education and agent for change.

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