7 Natural Diet Inclusions That Can Help You Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy

Health is the most valued treasure that one should care about under any circumstances. With the advancement in modern medicine and with the help of new technologies, the discovery of new health problems demands for better health care services. But better health care services also comes with a higher price tag to be paid by the beneficiary of the services. Luckily there are other options to stay healthy and avoid these unwanted expenses. Here are a few natural inclusions for your diet that can help you stay healthy and fit:

1. Mint
This is probably the most common herb that is used worldwide to treat fever and upset stomach. Mint has been used for thousands of years in curing these common ailments. And it still continues to be an important ingredient in modern medicines. Some of the benefits of mint include-
     It soothes an upset stomach
     It improves metabolism
     It cures bad breath
     Helps fight fever
     Reduces stress and prevents nausea

2. Ginger
Another medicinal plant that is in use for thousands of years is ginger. It is actually the root of this herbaceous plant that is used for medicinal purposes. It is commonly used as a spice for foods across the Asian subcontinent. The root contains antibacterial and antibiotic properties. It is commonly used to cure a sore throat. It is very helpful in fever, cough, runny nose, lung ailments, and also helps fight against cold. Ginger tea is very useful in improving digestion and keeping one warm in bitterly cold winters.

3. Mimosa Pudica
As common as this plant is, the medical benefits of this plant are pretty unknown to most of the world’s population. You may not even recognize the plant by the name mimosa pudica. Let me give you a more common name for this herb- “touch me not”. Yes, this plant also has a number of medicinal benefits. It is used in almost all the common medicines, herbal and chemical. This herb is beneficial in curing diarrhea, diabetes, jaundice, arthritis, and intestinal and stomach worms. It has antioxidant properties that can help detoxify your body.

4. Turmeric
Turmeric belongs to the ginger family and has numerous health benefits. Consuming turmeric mixed in milk helps cure pain and acts as a natural painkiller. Apart from this, it can help improve digestion, kill harmful bacteria in the bowels and also cleanse the body of toxins. With an unending list of health benefits, turmeric is a must to be included in your diet. You can use it as a spice in your curry, or as a pinch sprinkled over your salad. Especially, the meat items can be protected against bacteria by marinating the meat in a mixture of spices and curd containing turmeric.

5. Clove
This Indian spice which has been a part of Indian cuisines for centuries now has unmatched medicinal properties. It can treat dental problems such as plaque build up, yellowing of teeth, and toothaches. These are very helpful in tightening of gums and preventing premature falling off of teeth. It has many other benefits such as preventing cancer, antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and much more. It helps improve the digestive system and regulate blood pressure. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels. Apart from these, it enhances the immune system by stimulating the development of white blood cells.

6. Tea Tree Oil
The tea tree oil contains antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is extracted from a species of shrub that is found in Australia. The shrub is commonly known as tea tree. That is why the name tea tree oil. The oil has a number of benefits including natural oxidants. It also helps with removing the parasites from the body and curing against any infections. It can also prove to be helpful in treating acne, athletes foot, dermatitis or head lice.

7. Honey
As commonly known as a replacement for sugar in the diet for the diabetic, honey has numerous other health benefits as well. It can help cut belly fat, supply body with antioxidants. It also helps reduce blood pressure for patients with high blood pressure problem. It can reduce the risk of heart attack and control cholesterol levels in the body. Pure natural honey can prove to be a rich of energy without compromising the health.

As natural as these options are, there are no side effects that these inclusions may cause you. For a healthy sustainable life, you should definitely consider including these natural ingredients in your daily diet.

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