Top 5 mistakes Women Usually Make While Shopping for Bra

From the time when she was a teenager, lingerie has been the most delicate and the dearest part of a woman’s life. Lingerie is never considered as equal to her other set of clothes or accessories; it has always been given more attention, care, and love.

Shopping for lingerie, especially a bra; can be the most exciting thing for a woman. There are so many varieties and options for her to choose from. There are different purposes for different types of the bra; whether you want to wear it underneath a particular dress, or for playing sports or for going to the gym, or for a special date night.

Yes, there is definitely tons of variety available for you in the market, but not every bra is meant to fit you perfectly. You cannot just buy a bra based on its color and design. There is a perfect bra out there for you, and trust me, when you find it, you’ll know what you have been missing your whole life.   

Here are a few of the mistakes that women usually make while shopping for the bra:

1.     You’re not getting measured:
It can be tiring and take a bit longer than the usual process, but getting yourself measured is very important to buy a bra which has the perfect fitting. Just like your figure keeps on fluctuating, your bra size also changes often. It is not necessary that the bra you have been wearing since 2 years will fit you perfectly even now. So get yourself measured in order to avoid the chaos of exchange later.

2.     You’re sticking to one bra:
This is another factor that is pushing you away from a good bra; sticking to the same bra from God knows how many years. How will you know the other types of bra or the latest trends if you do not even try anything new? Latest trends of the bra are not only fashionable but also very comfortable. For instance, trying out an awesome bra like looks super good and provides utmost comfort as well.

3.     Choosing a wrong cup size or band size:
This is a very common mistake that most women make while shopping for a bra; wrong size. They tend to buy a bra which is big or small than their original size. This can ruin the whole shape of your breasts and look weird according to your body type.

4.     Not buying for your body’s requirement:
Chubby and slim and are not the only two body shapes that women have; there are many kinds of figures. Every woman has her own kind of body type and should buy a bra according to her own figure. For example, try a push-up shape if your breasts are close-set, or try wearing a t-shirt bra if the shapes or size of your breasts differs from each other.

5.     Relying on your own opinion:
You may not be able to judge the fitting of your bra yourself, or it may be possible that you do not even know your exact size, but can hesitate to ask for help. Believe me, nobody will judge you if you ask for help. In fact, they are available for the purpose of helping you only. 

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