The Immense Talent of Singer and Songwriter Bohdi

The legendary singers Nina Simone and Janis Joplin were certainly great and their music still excites people today. However, there is a new singer in town and her name is Bohdi and she is quietly creeping up on their fame and it appears as though she will replace them within the next year or so. That’s not to say that Bohdi is trying to move to the top of the legendary singer list – stuff just happens, you know.

That is, if you’re good, you’re good. And if you’re great – you’re great and you just have to go where your talent will take you. In regards to Bohdi’s talent, there is no end to where it will take her. We can see that she will be carrying off Grammys by the armful for Best Recording Artist, Best New Artist, Best Album and Song of the Year in the not too distant future. We also can fathom the idea that Bohdi will win an Oscar for Best Song in some great movie. Although we don’t own and have never even seen a crystal ball, we are going to stick with our imaginative visions for this wonderful singer/songwriter named Bohdi. She is the one to keep your eye on.

Her songs and lyrics are nothing if not honest – just like Bohdi herself. Here’s what she had to say about her music and performances: “As a performer, I'm unashamed. I don't hold back. I want to talk about the good and bad in life. A lot of what I write reflects on when I've gone through dark periods and come through them. I want to give listeners strength and hope.” And she does give her listeners strength and hope. All you have to do is look at this woman’s face or just read or hear the lyrics and feel the music to know that her truth is her music and she is on this planet to share it with her fellow earthlings.

She also shares her talent with other musicians and she has written and worked with the likes of Craig David, Tiggz Da Author, Fred Jerkins (Michael Jackson producer) Bobby “bee wirks” (producer) Brian Kennedy (songwriter), DetoNate (producer for SIA, Labrinth), Steve Booker (Duffy), Jungleboi,
She also performed at the 02 arena, The Royal Albert hall and Wembley arena as soloist with Hillsong Church. And she had a sold out showcase at Shoreditch House London. There is simply no end to Bohdi’s talent and success.

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