Marian Elizabeth And The Dragon

Marian Elizabeth

A young woman befriends a dragon. While they are forced to live together, they learn not only to accept each other but learn from each other. This plot might make a wonderful children’s bedtime story - in fact it is the premise of the new and eagerly anticipated BBC series, ‘Lucy & The Dragon’. The children’s TV series, stars acclaimed actor, Marian Elizabeth in title role of Lucy, who teaches the dragon about the modern world and human behavior. In turn, the dragon teaches Lucy how to be bold and brave. Each episode features an adventure and a quest for the dragon to return home to his native, Scotland. As season one unfolds, Lucy accepts the dragon’s teachings and how their friendship has improved her life - inviting the dragon to live with her permanently, as their adventure continues. ‘Lucy & The Dragon’, was created by James Heatlie and produced by Wee Dragon & Co.- season one is in production with the pilot debut scheduled for Summer 2019.

“Lucy & The Dragon’, features Marian’s versatility and talent to preform across genres and mediums. Her credits feature leading roles in films, television and on stage. Marian’s craft began and was perfected on the British stage, with productions at England’s and the world’s iconic theaters, including: The Cambridge Arts Theatre, Middle Temple Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Old Red Lion Theatre, and the West End’s, Fortune Theatre - and historical venues nationally, including Wardour Castle and Winchester Cathedral.

Marian’s film credits include, 2019’s, ‘Viola’, ‘Dorcha’, ‘The Cold Caller’, and ‘Blood and Bones’, ‘Gangsters Gamblers Geezers’, ‘Golf Club’, ‘Coming Home’, ‘The Landlady’, ‘High As A Kai’. Marian starred in the television series, ‘The Private Lives of the Tudors’, and ‘Killer Psychopaths’.

In the fall of 2019, the feature horror film, ’We Wait in the Woods’, will be celebrate a theatrical release. Marian Elizabeth showcases her talent in the leading role of Lisa.

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