Guide To Choosing The Right Bra


Selecting the right type of bra can change your body and life. Not many are aware of the importance of wearing a bra which is not only comfortable but also beautiful. Usually, we end up choosing a bra that is a cup size smaller or larger than we need. This is why you need to take measurements. Use a measuring tape and lower your arms. The measuring tape should be firmly pressed against your body. Ask someone else to help you if you are not comfortable doing it on your own. You will have to take the chest circumference and band circumference.

Try the bra

Once you take the measurement of band and chest, you need to try different bras. Be prepared to try at least four to five different bras so as to ensure that you choose the right one. Place comfort over style and choose a material you find comfortable. Once you know the size, you can try a different type of bras. If you are a size 32B, start with 32A and try 32C as well. This will ensure you are picking the right size. Whenever you try the bra, connect the row of hooks that is farthest to the right. Wear Lively makes bra shopping much easier and convenient for women.

What your perfect bra should look like

Majority support that a bra provides comes from its baseband and the remaining from the strap. Your baseband should reach around the ribcage and should not cut your skin. Whenever you lift your arms and bend your spine, the baseband should not move. The center of your bra should hold the ribcage. Further, you should be able to fit two fingers under the clasp but not more than two fingers otherwise the baseband will rise upward. If it seems a little tight when you first wear it on, it is very normal.

The cups and straps

If the cups in your bra have folded in them, your bra is too big, you need to pick one with a smaller cup size. If your bra is squeezing the chest to a point where you notice wrinkles on the armpits, it is very small and you need one with a large cup size. You need to ensure that the bra not only supports the bust but also raises it up.

There should not be a lot of weight on the bra straps. Check the length of the bra straps before you buy one. The height of the bust should not be lower than the lower edge of the bra. The right bra can make you look like you have lost about three to five kg of weight. Always try the bra on before you buy it because different brands have different styles and the sizes could vary. When you can find the right bra, stick to the size and pattern. You will notice that your body looks beautiful and petite with the right bra.

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