Clara Levy has been leading innovative entertainment, first as a Marketing Coordinator with Canal+, and then as head of Blackpills’ U.S. offices in Los Angeles, a global insurgent entertainment company that acquires, produces, and distributes premium short-form content. Launched in 2017, the digital studio specializes in the development of scripted content targeting the Gen Z audience.

Levy is considered the embodiment of Blackpills’ mission. Thanks to her collaboration with elite directors, actors, influencers, and auteurs, Levy has created edgy, out-of-the-box content, often addressing taboo subjects that entice audiences across the globe. Levy and Blackpills are agitators in the industry, telling stories free of boundaries, appealing to audiences who may not have yet seen a representation of themselves on-screen.

While in charge of U.S. development and production, Levy green-lit the company’s highest-rating and most successful series: ‘Pillow Talk’, starring Patrick J. Adams (’Suits’, USA Network), Zoe Cassavetes’ series, ‘Junior’, Michael Haussman and Larry Vopli’s show ’Do Not Disturb’, Rightor Doyle’s ‘Bonding’, and ‘First Love’, written by Adi Tishray and directed by Truman & Cooper, among dozens of others. 

‘Pillow Talk’ is an online series aired on Vice’s digital channels. The series features a tortured bachelor who attempts to “stay in the light” in a casual sex driven world. The subtlety and brilliance of Levy’s series, however, lies in the fact that Adams’ character seems to love himself more than the women in the story, reflecting a social commentary on GenZ sexuality and the complexity of the self.

Levy’s success is defined by her projects’ recognition at film festivals around the world. At the Outfest Festival in Los Angeles, CANNESERIES and SeriesMania festivals. The film Dead Women Walking, premiered at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival, and was screened at Venice Film Festival, the Busan International Film Festival and at the Deauville Film Festival. At the Haifa Film Festival, Dead Women Walking won best international film. It was also nominated for an Artios Award (Casting Society of America's Award).

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