Immersing Herself In The World Of Filmmaking – Nichole Ruiz

Filmmaking can be fun! Just ask anyone who has immersed themselves in it and you will see that not only are they pretty satisfied with their careers but they love hanging around film sets that creative people gravitate to. We asked Nichole Ruiz, the Filipina director/cinematographer about all of this and she told us that she couldnt imagine doing anything else with her life. Some of her films like YOU have chalked up a number of awards on the film festival circuit and the other films that Nichole has worked on as director of photography have also been very well received. Nichole has been involved in over forty productions so far and she has a very busy schedule in the coming months.

She is very focused on the social issues of the LGBTQ community and is drawn to narratives that gives voice to this often marginalized group of people. Nichole thrives on real stories that project real characters in real situations. Her compassion for humanity goes back to the small town of Laoag, in the Philippines, where she was raised. She was always around people who were passionate about what they did and passionate about relationships and family. She was greatly influenced by that in her early life.

Another big influence on Nicholes life was and is Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki, the great Mexican cinematographer. He utilizes the Steadicam quite frequently and has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Cinematography eight times and has won three times in three consecutive years for Gravity, Birdman and The Revenant.

Nichole would love to work with Lubezki and she feels that he is able to elevate movie story telling with his cinematography and apparently, a lot of people agree with her. She pays close attention to all of his movies so she can see what he is doing with the lighting and the camera placement and movement and how he sets the mood for a particular scene.

She understands that it would be easy for aspiring cinematographers or directors to drop out of the business because other people might doubt their skills and their creativity but she says thats when you must keep holding your art to a high standard and be strong and continue to move forward.

Nichole has a number of projects in the works including a web series called Bombshell, which she will photograph. The shoot is scheduled for the end of March and the first week of April and is about the adventures of a trans gay guy living in Los Angeles.

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