Jing Han

Telling Stories Through Her Creativity – Editor Jing Han

Jing Han is a film and video editor and she has learned a lot through intensive studying at two film schools and of course by working on real films and music videos as an editor. We asked her what else she learned in the film business and she told us that editors should be able to handle all genres and anything that they are assigned. She said style is important but one can see in some editors’ work that they always use the same style and it never really changes. She believes that an editor’s cutting style should always fit the film’s story and tone. 

She doesn’t want to become stagnant, that is, maintaining the same editing style all her life. She wants challenges. She welcomes the opportunity to work on different genres because it would require her to constantly learn new things. Each story that is worth telling is unique and has its own style, tone and pacing. She wants to know what the director has in mind and she believes that the editor should be open to collaboration with the director.

Some of the projects that Jing has edited are: Nooks, a TV pilot; Crier, a short film; First Time Since, a short film; Born in the Flame, a Promo video; Dreams, a music video; Five Love Pieces, a short film; Drawn Curtains, a short film which was the 2018 LA Shorts Fest official selection and the 2018 official selection of the Encounters Film Festival; Love in Canton, a short film that was a 2018 official selection at the LA Shorts Fest; Your Fukubukuro, a web series, among others.

Jing is a movie lover who did all the work necessary to get where she is. She is a film and video editor who can work on any type or any genre of films, TV shows, music videos, commercials or documentaries. She went to university for six years and achieved an advanced degree in editing and film production and she has a firm grasp of what it takes to make a movie and how to edit it once the film has been shot. When asked what she would tell aspiring artists Jing simply said that it is an honor to tell great stories and it comes with big responsibilities. She also added that everyone should stay curious and keep learning every day.

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