Platform Beds: Best Support for Mattresses with Foam Construction

Platform Beds

These days, a plethora of new and innovative mattress constriction materials have flooded the marketplace. These new types of mattresses feature customized specifications for their regular maintenance, care, and upkeep. Out of the many types of mattresses available for grabs, foams are the most popular of them all. They provide soft and comfortable surfaces as they allow for specialized distribution of pressure points and weight. This is courtesy of the way they are built. On the flip side, because of the way foam mattresses are made, they require proper support to prevent any undue compression or breakdown.

The mattresses with foam construction are best supported by platform beds. These less expensive and sleekly designed beds are fast becoming a much-loved alternative to the traditional, long-used bed frames. If you in the process of bed shopping and are confused about which frame to choose, then what follows below is for you.  Read on to know more about platform beds and determine how to provide the best support for your mattresses.

What are Platform Beds?

A platform bed, which may also be referred to a cabin bed, comprises of a raised base. This base is generally rectangular in shape and is in the form of a horizontal solid frame. In most cases, platform beds have a latticed structure of rows of slats made of flexible wood to offer support to the mattress. The base alone is enough to provide the adequate support and ventilation needed for any mattress of suitable size. With this platform in place, you need not use a separate bed base or box-spring as a foundation.

Which Platform Bed will you Choose?

With the passage of time, contemporary beds have evolved from their earlier version of simplistic rectangular frames to provide the best support to foam mattresses. They are now available in smart, eclectic designs to suit urban homes fitfully. There are many different types of platform beds to choose from in lifestyle stores. The catalogs of companies marketing these beds boast of floating platform beds, low profile platforms, slatted platforms, and other designs of this kind of bed.  As there are many types of beds to choose from, you may find yourself in a dilemma as to which one to buy. An important advantage of buying platform beds is that they gel with almost all kinds of furniture and interior decor – classic, contemporary, traditional, or futuristic, they fit in just about anywhere to perfection.

Defining Characteristics of Platform Beds

Even though platform beds vary in terms of design and style, they have a few things in common. These vital characteristics guide the purchase of bed frames for supporting new and old foam construction mattresses alike. Some important features of platform beds are:

Lower Profile

One of the key features of platform beds is that they exhibit a lower profile than their more-traditional counterparts. Many times, you would find them standing up to 12 inches off the ground. The tallest beds in this category may notch a height of 18 feet on the outside. The profile of platform beds can be raised by placing box springs. This is recommended if you have a mattress that needs more height and can be supported by a bed of this sort.

Very Small or Negligible Clearance

Because of their lower profile, platform beds may or may not have the clearance space you seek. In some cases, you may not get any clearance space at all if the design of your bed frames encloses storage drawers within. Even if the beds allow for empty space right below the place where your mattress rests, the clearance would still be inadequate - it’s recommended that you check for this before going ahead with your purchase.

Floating Platform Beds – What are They?

In your search for the best platform beds, you may come across floating platform beds that have central bed support, just below the bed. There is no support along the corners or sides of the bed. The design of this type of bed is such that it looks as if it’s floating, even though it flaunts a solid base. There is absolutely no clearance space below floating platform beds – so, choose accordingly.

Purchase Platform Beds Online

The steady and rising demand for platform beds has influenced manufacturers to add new and functional features to their designs. For instance, some beds have footboards and headboards in addition to their traditional frames. Now that you have a fair enough idea about platform beds, their designs, and functionality, you’ll find it easy to choose the best one for your personal space – get going, today. 

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