Everything You Need To Know About Yaupon Tea

I just love people who love tea. There is something so calming and soothing when you have tea- tea lovers will know what I mean. Tea not only relaxes your mind but also provides so many health benefits. With time, as the popularity of tea grew, people have started to try different flavors of tea.
Other than the true teas (white tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and Pu-erh tea), people also love to try different herbal teas which are made from the dried fruits, leaves, flowers, or herbs of different plants.
Yaupon tea is one such tea which is obtained from the yaupon holly tree. It is a rare tea and not many people are aware of its existence and benefits. But this tea is quite beneficial and it has a great flavor as well. Keep reading the following article to know more about Yaupon tea:

1.     It’s History:
Being the only caffeinated plant to grow in America, Yaupon tea is found on small yaupon holly trees that if found on the coast of Southern America. The article “Yaupon: America’s Forgotten Plant” from SipsBy.com explains that the yaupon plant was used by Native Americans for its healing and energizing effects. This plant was also shared by thy European settlers who discovered the benefits of this tea. This tea, then, gained its popularity and was used medicinally.
2.        It’s Benefits:
The benefits of yaupon tea are endless. This tea, with natural caffeine, not only boosts your energy and keep you concentrated but also has many antioxidants and nutrients which help to reduce the risk of cancer. Its anti-inflammatory also helps to reduce inflammation in the body and works as a great source of pain relief from problems such as joint pains, headaches, and arthritis. The theobromine in yaupon tea helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and keep your blood pressure on the point. This tea not only strengthens the immune system but also your gut health; avoiding many problems like constipation, bloating, indigestion, etc. It also keeps your teeth stronger and prevents you from getting many oral problems and diseases.    

3.     It’s Making:
Brewing yaupon tea is not such a difficult task. You just need some yaupon tea leaves or sachets, some hot water, and a filter. Once you bring a soft boil to the water, you can add your tea leaves. Steeping tea for too long can make the tea bitter, so the best time to steep is for 4-7 minutes. You can also add your most preferred flavors to your tea, like honey, cinnamon, milk, lemon peel, and much more. Yaupon tea has a very earthy smell and its taste can be related similar to the green tea. If you want to experiment a bit, you can make some great dishes with the help of yaupon tea. Pumpkin yaupon pancakes, yaupon-cocoa berry bowl, and yaupon sangria are great dishes that you try and trust me, you won’t regret it.

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