5 Home Decor Trends In 2019

Interior decorators are always on the lookout for the latest decor trends. There are exhibits and trend hunting that constantly happens throughout the year. From furniture to fabrics and fixtures to fittings, everything changes as the trends change. Here are the latest home decor trends for the year. 

Nod to nature

2019 has seen a lot of sustainable furniture ranging from tables made from petrified wood to pendants made from branches. There are stools made with coconut shell beads and a general nod to the natural world. People are opting for a minimalistic lifestyle and choosing sustainable items over those which cannot be recycled. Keeping the changing interest of consumers in mind, designers and manufacturers are creating furniture that can be recycled and reused. 

Light finishes

Keeping up with the organic theme, consumers prefer furniture that has a lighter finish for wood items. These finishes play up with the wood grain and give excellent contrast to the bold upholstery. If you still love the teak or walnut furniture, mixing up is not the best way to go forward.  

Blush everything

You will see a lot of splashes of the dusty hue all across the market, right from the drapery to upholstery and to rugs. Just like fashion styles that change every year, the color preference in home decor goes through a transition. This should not come as a surprise, pink has always been considered to have a calming effect and a lot of designers opt for pink to achieve a flattering glow. 

Bright wallpaper

The subtly textured wallpaper has been replaced by a pop of loud color on the headboard. It is enough to give you the pop you want but you need to ensure that it is not overdone. If you are all about bright colors, experiment with a bright wallpaper instead of subtle wall paint. 

Bold art

The best way to complement the bright wallpaper is through bold art. They go hand in hand. This means you need to say goodbye to the subtle art you have placed in your room. Opt for designs without fearing the patterns and colors on the wall. You need to commit to a wallpaper you love and then put art that inspires you. You can also put photographs on the wallpaper in order to create a place that feels like yours and not store-bought. 

Create your home keeping the latest home decor trends in mind. You have the freedom to play with colors, designs and bold patterns that reflect your personality and choice. Make your home as personalized as you can. It will give a unique feel and will reflect your choices. If you are opting for sustainable furniture, you need to ensure that the wall color and art blends with the furniture. Most importantly, keep your home clean and organized at all times. Do not overdo anything and invest time and effort in cleaning the home as and when you can. A messy home will leave a wrong impression on visitors. 

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