The Outstanding Work of Alberto Accettulli

alberto accettulli
Acclaimed director Alberto Accettulli has worked on the “Jeep Limited Compass,” campaign which was shot in India for the Indian market, filmed the “Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk” in Nevada for the worldwide market -as well as the “Jeep Legends” campaign shot in California for the United States market. The campaign has been a huge success in terms of numbers and achievements.

In addition to his work with Jeep, Alberto also worked with DKMS - a blood cancer charity non-profit organization, as well as being the world’s largest international donor center. Over its course, DKMS has assisted in registering over 8 million potential donors and facilitated over 70,000 blood stem cell transplants worldwide –a crucial part which takes care of people looking for bone marrow transplants.

Alberto, happened to be the exact director they were looking for as he was able to give a fresh and rejuvenated look to their films -without cutting out the emotional and key factors. Through the incredible work of Alberto and the rest of the team, they debuted their first movie at the New York Gala Love in 2018 for DKMS and raised an astonishing $4.4 million dollars! In addition to the astronomical amount of money that was raised, the film also received a record amount of views on their social media pages. This was an incredible accomplishment for Alberto to work on a project for the health industry with real patients who had survived cancer –in addition to working on projects for companies like Jeep.

All this high praise is well deserved. Once you see Alberto’s finished work you immediately recognize that the highest quality motion capture and filmmaking in general has been accomplished by Alberto. He is a true artist and as we have said many times before, a very well organized person who knows how to get the most out of a camera and how to bring the best out of a product.

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