5 Tips To Choose The Rug Color Which Best Suits Your Space

Choosing a rug color is a battle between aesthetics and finance. In fact, a lot of designers recommend starting with the rug in order to build the style and decor around the room. If you get the rug color right, you will be able to style the room exactly in the manner you have visualized it. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right rug color.

1.         Rich and deep colors will create an intimate space

If you are looking for a rug for your personal space like the bedroom or a study room, opt for a rich and deep color like burgundy. It will create a very personal and intimate space that will reflect your personality and will add a luxurious charm to the area.

2.     Use light colors for small spaces

When you opt for light colors in small spaces, they naturally appear larger. The light tone of the rug will make your space look large and wide. You can opt for light colors like nude and off white in areas that have low foot traffic and are small in space. A light color is not recommended for outdoor use or for a living room.

3.     Muted or soft shades blend in contrast to warm wall colors like red, orange or yellow

Getting a rug of the same color will not be wise because it will create a loud atmosphere and the guests will not know where to look. It will also kill the look of the rug in your personal space. If you have a room with warm wall paint like yellow, red or orange, you need to choose a rug from https://samad.com/ that has a soft shade. It will blend into the bright colored walls and will make the room look cozy and visually appealing.

4.    Cool colors will build a calm atmosphere

You can easily create a calm atmosphere with cool and soothing colors for areas like the dining room and your office. However, cool colors will require maintenance and you will have to ensure that they blend well with the wall colors.

5.     Dark colors can help cover wood stains

The best thing about dark-colored rugs is that they make it easier for you to cover wood stains. You do not have to worry about stains spoiling your rug. In a bright color, the rug will be low maintenance and the stains can be covered and removed with ease.

No matter the color and type of rug you choose, it will require at least some form of maintenance. You will have to ensure that you clean the rug from time to time and look after its material. Quality rugs can last for years if you know how to maintain them. Avoid drinking or eating on the rug and if you have to do so, lay a newspaper or a piece of cloth before you sit on the rug.

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