Is Spider Man Still Part of Marvel Cinematic Universe

Hold onto your Spidey masks, Marvel fans: we have some worrying news ahead. Disney's Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are currently at an impasse figuring out a new financing deal for upcoming Spider-Man movies, and the future of the webslinger's involvement in the MCU depends on their decision. According to Variety, if the two studios don't come to an agreement, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will not longer produce future Spider-Man films, effectively erasing Tom Holland's Peter Parker from the MCU.
As first reported by Deadline, the studios have been working out a deal over the past few months that hit a stalemate when Disney asked for a 50/50 cofinancing arrangement for future Spider-Man films. Sony nixed that idea outright, proposing that the two studios adhere to the deal they've been keeping since 2015. Disney rejected that idea as well, which brings us to our current dilemma.
On Aug. 21, Sony released an official statement on their Twitter page, discussing the widely-circulated news and calling the reports "mischaracterized." The company stated that it is disappointed by Disney's decision to remove Feige as a lead producer on future Spider-Man films, claiming it's because of "the many new responsibilities that Disney has given him," following Disney's acquisition of Fox.
To be fair to Sony, we get it; they don't want to give up half of their biggest franchise to Marvel. But as fans have bluntly expressed ahead, this is the third Spider-Man rendition that we've gotten from Sony, and we cannot ruin a good thing. Sony is believed to be developing two more Spider-Man movies with Holland reprising his role, but if a deal isn't made these films will be completely under Sony's production. That means any mention of all things Marvel will be eradicated — and considering how expertly Feige interwove Spider-Man into the Avengers franchise, that's pretty impossible to imagine at this point.
On the other hand, if Sony was to gain complete creative control over Spider-Man, the studio could incorporate the webslinger into their own universe, which currently houses Venom and Miles Morales, and is developing upcoming standalone films for Mobius and Black Cat (aka burglar Felicia Hardy).
Negotiations are still underway, but we're crossing our fingers that Sony and Marvel figure out a way to continue making these record-breaking films in peace. Keep scrolling for fan reactions to the unsettling news ahead, and seriously, cross your fingers for a resolution!

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