Talented Harry Thynne Keeping Audiences Intrigued

harry thynne

Who is Harry Thynne and why does he do what he does? And when do we get to see him again? Harry Thynne is a Los Angeles based Australian drummer who has been in the music industry for over twenty years. He obviously has loved music all of his life and was influenced mostly, he says, by rock and metal genres. He tells us that he also performed with more diverse sounding groups and that there was always a sense of being drawn to the heavier spectrum of sound and emotions.

He recorded his first major label release with Bob Clearmountain (Born in the USA, INXS’s Kick, Roxy Music’s Avalon and various records for the Rolling Stones). Harry enjoyed that period among many others in his musical career and felt that it was an awesome opportunity for Harry as a young performer because Clearmountain was such an amazing Artist. Harry feels that now is a great time to be an artist because music is constantly changing and there is a new batch of young musicians coming into the fold who are forcing the old dynamics to change. That is okay with Harry because even though he knows that a lot of what we have learned needs to be unlearned, he is very optimistic about the future of the music business and music itself for that matter.

Harry says that we live in an era where the parameters of what defines genres in music, have become fluid. Heavy music is so often reduced to distorted guitars and guttural vocals. But it shouldn’t be. Heavy music can be something extraordinary that taps you on the shoulder and beckons you to listen, to feel, and to become part of by transporting you out of the mundane world of your existence and into another plane of a temporary and spellbinding new experience. Heavy music can do that to people and Harry’s perspective of heavy music can move listeners to places they never imagined before hearing his music.

Harry has a lot of projects coming up including: Performing drums and co-writing for artist - Pete Wilde; Performing drums for artist - Andy Clockwise - LOCAL HERO; Producing and co writing with artist - Sam Reid; Session work for artist - Marza Panther; Session work for artist - Dustin Bookatz - Indigo Children.

He also has some great advice for aspiring artists: Do it all for yourself. Once you’re doing it for others approval you only poison the love you have for creating music or indeed, anything.

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