5 Heavy Metal Facts That You Need To Know

The awareness related to environmental toxins is rising today and people are more conscious about what they eat and drink. In this context, heavy metals come ahead as one of the biggest causes of concern. The common ones include mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium. These are invisible, odorless and undetectable yet can lead to chronic health issues. To make things worse, you may be exposed to them for years without even knowing. The best approach to prevent the damage is by limiting exposure and boosting your detoxification system to eliminate them. Knowing these heavy metal facts can also help.

Fact #1: Steering clear of certain foods helps

Food is the most likely source that can carry toxins to your body. There are certain foods that you should avoid to prevent exposure to heavy metals. Contaminated fish is something to steer clear of as they are high in mercury. The ones to avoid include swordfish, tuna, shark and tilefish. Some other food sources that you need to be careful about are rice and bone broth as they may be contaminated with arsenic and lead respectively.

Fact #2: Be careful with drinking water as well

While avoiding certain foods is important, you need to be careful about drinking water as well. Contaminated water may contain heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic. The best way to prevent exposure is by drinking purified water. Reverse Osmosis is the technique that you can rely on for clearing these toxins from drinking water.

Fact #3: Everything about heavy metals is not always bad

Even though heavy metals have a bad reputation, they do have some benefits as well. While most people think of heavy metals as harmful to the organs and tissues in the body, DrJayDavidson.com explains that we actually need them in small quantities to stay healthy. For example, copper and zinc are the ones that are actually reported to be beneficial for metabolism. But your body needs them only in traces and higher amounts can be toxic.

Fact #4: Detox is the best approach to curb damage

Prevention is always better but it may not be completely possible because these toxins are almost everywhere. Detox is the best way to get rid of them. Eating foods such as cilantro, garlic, cruciferous vegetables, and wild blueberries helps to flush them out. Stick to natural and organic diet in the first place. Besides detoxifying your body, you need to detoxify your home as well. This is best done by avoiding the use of chemical products in paints, cleaners, and cosmetics.

Fact #5: Keep an eye on some symptoms

There are certain symptoms that indicate high levels of these toxins in your body. It is good to be aware so that you can take timely action for detection and treatment. Some of the common symptoms include chronic fatigue, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Things can get worse if you do not seek timely help. If you experience these symptoms, consult a specialist immediately.

Awareness is the key to protecting yourself from heavy metal exposure. Now that you know these facts, you will be able to deal with the problem better and even prevent it in the first place.

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