The Window To Your Overall Health - Dental Care And Its Importance

Ever imagined that oral hygiene and health condition can have an invisible connection? Not many people are aware that their overall health depends to a large extent on the hygienic conditions of their mouths. The importance of oral health is being stressed upon as many researchers have conducted experiments and obtained proven results that emphasize proper hygiene.
Normal causes of oral problems include the following:
        Bad breath
        Gum infections
        Tooth decay
        Trench mouth
        Oral thrush
Most people are unaware of the fact that they are worsening their health issues by ignoring dental problems. Some of the risk factors due to poor dental hygiene have been mentioned below.
        High risk of a stroke occurring suddenly
        Incidents of severe heart attacks 
        Less control of blood sugar which leads to diabetes 
        Pregnant women have to be extra careful as they may also go into preterm labor if dental care is neglected.

Doctors often examine the mouth of their patients as a preliminary step during an investigation. This is because there are indications of several disease outbreaks right there in your mouth. You can find more information regarding proper oral health on this website to get a better insight. Most of these articles will point to the importance of maintaining oral hygiene on a routine basis.

The Saliva Impact
Saliva, which plays an important role in the process of digestion, is an excellent proof of what is happening within your body. Swab tests of saliva are often conducted to diagnose the health condition of patients. Many systemic diseases like HIV, diabetes, etc can be noticed initially after checking lesions appearing in the mouth of the patients. 
The role of saliva gains more significance due to the fact that it also contains enzymes and antibodies that resist the attack of a variety of bacteria as well as viral infections. Histatin (a kind of protein) present in Saliva is very effective in preventing the growth and propagation of fungi like Candida albicans, which if not controlled leads to an outbreak of oral thrush.

Bad Oral Hygiene and Health - The Sync
When the human body is weakened due to bacterial or viral infections, the overall resistance is low. At this time, if the normal bacteria of the mouth cannot control the invasion of external harmful microbes, there is a chance of these external agents entering the bloodstream. This is the main cause of severe infections that can worsen the already weak immune system of the body.  For example, if you have a severe gum infection that has been left untreated, you are inviting danger. The infection, when out of control, adversely affects the insulin production of the body. This builds resistance to the action of insulin and the processing of blood sugar is slowed down. 
Similarly, in pregnant women, oral infections lead to the production of harmful toxins. These travel down to the placenta and induce labor symptoms. They cause havoc in the growth and development of the fetus. Often there are cases of preterm delivery, which is a serious threat to the newborn baby, as well as the health of the mother.
It is evident that following a healthy oral care routine is not only a healthy habit; it is also a future investment to enjoy a happier and peaceful life.

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