Award Winning English Actor Charlie Clark

Charlie Clark, the English actor, is refreshing not only for his no-nonsense work ethic and acting style but also for his outspokenness. Most actors and people in the public eye are generally pretty careful how they speak and choose their words so as not to offend anyone. There is nothing wrong with this and it is really a social norm that most of us have followed since we were kids. Charlie Clark, however, is quite blunt in a self-deprecating manner when it comes to talking about himself and whatever achievements of his might be tossed on the table in order to get his opinion of them. (Perhaps we should choose our words a bit more carefully and instead of the word blunt, we should use straightforward or forthright). When it comes to himself and his awards (he has won Best Actor and Critics Rising Star Award in several film festivals) he is definitely not that outspoken.

We find his way of being frank and direct invigorating and it points to his core of honesty, which we admire greatly. He is, by the way, also very honest in his performances. We mentioned no-nonsense acting style, which is part and parcel of his overall honest true persona and outspokenness. The characters he portrays always have an added dimension or three when he becomes that person on stage or in a film. He brings a certain energy that forces people to keep their eyes on him and makes them want more when he exits stage left.

He is at once a tough guy and a sensitive soul (you can tell by his eyes) and an actor to be reckoned with. He is no pushover and even if he plays a meek underdog there is still something in his performance that gives the audience hope that he may overcome all the odds and succeed. He can change his appearance as needed for any role and he can inhabit, or so it seems, a character’s soul, which to many who see him backstage before the scene takes place is like a miracle happening right in front of them. There are several other actors who have the ability to do that: Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Radcliffe and Taron Egerton, among others have it. 

Charlie has been trained by some of the best acting teachers in the world and has performed in countless projects. One of the many interesting things about him is that he still loves to watch movies. When he started out at the age of 14, he watched over 500 great movies religiously just to learn the process of movie making and acting from beginning to end. That is real dedication and focus.

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