Germany’s Immensely Talented Julia Wahle Teams Up With Lorenzo Cosci

People are so interesting, aren’t they? Who would ever imagine that a young
woman, like Julia Wahle, from a small town in Germany would start her own music
and sound production company in Hollywood? Of course, that’s not even the half of
it. Her company, SllX Trailer Music and Sound, would then go on to create over 60
highly successful theatrical marketing campaigns for some of the biggest grossing
motion pictures, including Mission Impossible: Fallout, Captain Marvel, Blade Runner
2049, Dead Pool 2 and Fallen kingdom, to name just a few.

Julia has loved music ever since she can remember and she apprenticed at a local
recording studio in her small northwest German village when she was fairly young.
She then moved to London and attended London Metropolitan University where she
graduated with honors in Music Industry and Media Business Management. During
her college years she interned at Polydor Records and later worked at The Orchard
in New York City and Elephant Music and Believe Sync in London. Elephant Music,
by the way, is a movie trailer music library, where she discovered that the niche for
making trailer music existed. She knew that TV, films and commercials all needed
music but the concept of making music and sound for movie trailers never entered
her mind.

Once Julia began to work in that almost hidden segment of the music business she
knew that that was what she wanted to do as a career. After learning the business
aspects along with all the technical and creative avenues involved with producing
music and sound for trailers she called her friend Lorenzo and told him, “I’ve got an
idea!” Of course, that idea was to start a Trailer company of their own, which
became the award-winning business, SllX Trailer Music and Sound. She and Lorenzo
are a perfect business and creative match for each other. They both have a similar
vision for their company and they are each quite valuable to one another. Together,
they have a synergistic effect that has enabled SllX to grow by leaps and bounds.

The company’s talented team has worked on trailers for 6 out of 10 of the highest
grossing movies in the last two years alone. Their Mission Impossible: Fallout trailer
became the number one YouTube video, which contributed to the overall success of
the almost $800 million grossing film. Her trailers have garnered over 1.2 Billion
views on YouTube and that number is still moving upward. Julia’s company is on the
cutting edge of the film industry’s creative boundaries. She is demonstrating that in
fact, there are no boundaries or limitations of any kind where creativity and music
and sound is involved. Julia is preparing to launch even more great trailers for some
of the top contenders of the highest awards in Hollywood and the international market.

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