Ren Stimpy Show Reboot Comedy Central

It's time to let loose a "Happy happy! Joy joy! due to the fact Comedy Central is bringing The Ren & Stimpy Show again to our TV screens! On Wednesday, the community introduced that they had been rebooting the Nickelodeon display for an entire new generation.

The lively collection at first premiered in 1991 and accompanied the adventures of an unhinged chihuahua named Ren and good-natured but really silly cat named Stimpy. The upcoming reboot may have a brand new innovative team, following accusations of sexual misconduct in opposition to author John Kricfalusi.
The display is becoming a member of an increasing roster of person animation on Comedy Central, consisting of Beavis and Butt-Head and a Tracee Ellis Ross-led Daria derivative known as Jodie. Unfortunately, no episode be counted number or most effective date for The Ren & Stimpy reboot has been launched however we will most effective wish to listen the information in any other case we would ought to listen Ren yell, "You eediot!

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