The Talented Hollywood Female Producer Anila Nugmanova

Every child has that beautiful moment of fantasy whereby what they see makes them dream a world of wonders. While many ladies dreamt of being a Cinderella when young, it was the opposite for Anila Nugmanova. Her imaginative world was filled with cartoon Asterix and Cleopatra and the trilogy of Back To The Future movies. She would become so immersed in these worlds to the extent that she often fantasized about traveling in time to ancient Egypt and the Wild West. These motion pictures influenced and ignited her love and passion for filmmaking and the creation of movies.

Anila Nugmanova

Today, Anila has been credited for the works on films that are nationally and internationally acclaimed and received prestigious awards from different film festivals. She partook in movie productions where she worked with great filmmakers like Jeff Vespa on Paris Song that received awards at various respected film festivals and Shaun and Andrew Higtons on Dead of Night that became the most-watched web series in the history of Snapchat. 

Faced with the challenges of being a female producer in the male-dominated industry, Anila never let that get to her nor feel intimidated; rather, she let her passion for filmmaking be her strength. Anila understood her job perfectly and earned praise from filmmakers for her professionalism in handling situations on-set. A particularly tricky situation occurred during the shooting of the short film The Burning Blue.  A fight broke out between the sound mixer and the director of photography, making the sound mixer leave angrily without fully uploading all the sound files. Realizing what it might cost, she used her psychological instinct to get the sound mixer back and masterly resolved the issue. She has been tagged as a brilliant producer who understands the importance of communication. The Burning Blue has been officially selected by 12 national and international film festivals and has already received several prestigious awards including the best short film and best producer award at Uruvatti International Film Festival. 

Anila currently works at Bazelevs Productions Company and develops projects in Screenlife format, a new film format where all actions of a movie take place entirely on the screens of computers and smartphones. Her recent project iBible series premiered at South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival 2021. Besides it, she has been working on development and production of more than dozen of Screenlife projects that also include five projects for Universal Studios.

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